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Should you go with HubSpot? 3 reasons why we say YES!

At Aamplify, HubSpot tops our list of recommendations to customers looking for a new marketing platform. By bringing together all the tools you need for your day to day marketing (and connecting these to sales and service) you can run more effective content marketing campaigns. You'll see what is happening across all your campaigns so you know where to invest more, and what to pull back on. But before you hit the go button, here are HubSpot's top 3 benefits that explains why it is now so successful.

1. It's the best software for implementing an inbound marketing strategy

Simply put, HubSpot is the only marketing suite that offers such comprehensive support for your inbound marketing strategy. In fact the term was coined by HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan and encapsulates HubSpot's approach to content marketing. We build on this framework, with our own IP. This helps clients build truely innovative campaigns spanning both online and offline media.

Now a massively successful tech company, HubSpot still keeps its original startup mentality. It constantly innovates to solve modern marketers' problems. By bringing landing pages, email, campaign tracking and list building into a single tool you get significantly more insight into how your content marketing programs are performing - without the admin overhead.

2. HubSpot monitors the entire buyer journey

As you start building contacts, you want to ensure that they stay engaged and continue to progress through the buyer journey. Because you are removing silos of data, you can see how your contacts are spread throughout the customer lifecycle and where there are bottlenecks rather than jumping between spreadsheets and analytics reports.

With the help of nurture content and lead scoring, your marketing suite comes to life - driving contacts through the lifecycle and delivering marketing qualified leads faster. Even better, you know exactly where they came from. So you can get more and prove the value marketing is contributing to the organisation. You can't argue with numbers!

3. HubSpot builds better marketing insight

When it comes to marketing, quality data is essential. With a single customer view you can start creating easy-to-read custom dashboards. These show how leads are spread across different business units / products, whether marketing driven activity or sales targeting is delivering the best ROI, and what each lead is doing. And it's all so easy to use that individual marketers or salespeople can create their own reports, specific to their needs.

Has a prospect downloaded an infographic? Spoken to someone on live chat? Attended an event? All these insights make it easier to close new business and meet your growth targets. And the beauty of it is that your competitors are probably only just picking up on this. There's still time to get the first mover advantage!

Having access to data is one thing. But it's only truly valuable, if you draw out what it’s actually telling you. If you’re struggling to understand how to structure an inbound campaign, build out your customer lifecycle or get insights for better decision making, our expert team can help. Contact our team to learn more.